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10 reasons to do ZipSlide with Ceres Adventures | South Africa

Zip-lining was always one of those adventure activities I wanted to do, but… my fear of heights would always win. This time was different…

It was actually my husbands idea (yes! blame it on your hubby). We were planning a getaway in Wolseley Valley away from city hustle and bustle. While researching the area for activities to do he suggested zip-slide… And I said “let’s do it”.

Of course for the next days prior to the experience I would watch all the YouTube videos of Zip-slide experiences. Oh dear me!


We arrived at Ceres Zipslide Adventures on a very warm Saturday morning. Greeted and Welcomed with the smile, we were asked to fill the form and explained Do’s and Dont’s as well as safety procedures. The experience was amazing and below are the TOP 10 reasons to do it: 

  1. The Team at Ceres Zipslide Adventures is friendly, officiant, understanding and accommodating regarding peoples fears;
  2. It’s all about SAFETY and they take it Seriously;
  3. It’s also about fun and the TEAM knows how to make you laugh during the experience;

4. You will face your fears and feel like a Superhero afterwards:

5. You can enjoy great day out with Friends or Family (Children are Welcome); ideal breakaway for your company’s team building or year-end function;

6.  You can enjoy spectacular mountain views and scenery;

7. It’s Good for your Health: you will burn calories; good for the heart;  (Note:not advisable for people with back or neck problems);

8.  This Eco-Adventure is safe, fast and long;

9. A great way to bond and unplug;

10.  You will create memories that will last a lifetime and you’d want to do it again:)



Useful info:

WEAR: “Long or short pants, Comfortable flat sole shoes preferably closed, Elastic band to tie up long hair.
If it is raining you’ll be given a 2 piece rain suit to wear at no extra charge.
Sunglasses should preferably have a neck strap.
Don’t forget the sunblock in Summer.

You can hire a GOPRO!

Please don’t forget the camera.




Images and Text Patrycja @ travel opulent box

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