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#TravelChatSA Experiences: Wine, Food and The Art of Sabrage at #VisitSteenberg

“Just 20 minutes from the bustling heart of the Mother City, Steenberg feels miles from the world.

Steenberg Farm boasts the 5-Star Steenberg Hotel, with 24 rooms encapsulating the dictum of understated luxury, offering spectacular views and discrete, personalised service.

…A complete destination, the Farm produces some of the finest Sauvignon Blanc in South Africa, along with several other celebrated varietals.”*

Recent #TravelChatSA Experiences were hosted by an amazing Steenberg Estate – “The Cape’s first farm, established in 1682″*. Welcomed with a glass of their The 1682 Brut Chardonnay MCC we enjoyed tour around, architecture of the place, infinity pools, reflective water features as well as stories about the estate from early days.

We were treated to a delicious Wine and Cheese tasting (one of many wine tasting experiences that Steenberg has to offer) & cellar tour where we learned about different ways of wine making at Steenberg.

All above followed by Lunch at well known Bistro1682 with a delicious menu by Executive Chef, Kerry Kilpin that “love to create food which is seasonal, flavourful and bursts with freshness.”*

“Internationally, Bistro Sixteen82 has been recognised in the list of 20 of the World’s Best Winery Restaurants by Canada’s renowned Wine Access magazine. Locally, listings included prominent mentions in Fleur du Cap’s Top 100 Places; Eat in Cape Town; and EAT OUT’s Best Bistros list.”*


One of the highlight of the #VisitSteenberg experience was to learn how to sabrage a bottle of bubbly with the sword. Here is the perfect method:

*You would need: bottle of MCC and sword or large knife. Remember that neck of the bottle should be ice cold.

  • Remove the foil and wire
  • Find the seam
  • Hold the bottle at 30 degree angle with the seam facing upward
  • Keep the bottle firmly at the bottom
  • Rest the blade of the sword flat on the neck of the bottle.
  • Slide the knife down the seam of the bottle with a firm, confident stroke and hit the annulus.
  • Inspect the neck of the glass for shards.
  • Pour & Enjoy!

What others are saying?

Jenna Maree-Kipling | Twitter: @jennakipling 

On a recent visit, we got the full experience! We joined a group of fantastic, inspirational ladies on a day out. After being ‘cheesed’ and ‘wined’ upstairs with Dan the Wine Guy, tasting the finest selection of Super-Premium Steenberg Wines with his favourite cheeses from The Real Cheese, we were taken on a quick cellar tour, had a quick sabrage lesson and then headed to the most wonderful lunch of my lifetime.


Megan Richards | Twitter: @blogauthentic 

Read HERE.





Written by Patrycja @ travel opulent box. Featuring South African Bloggers and Writers. Images travel opulent box. 

We have been hosted at Steenberg Wine Estate for a Wine & Cheese Pairing as well as Lunch at Bistro1982  as a part of #TravelChatSA Experiences / Opinions are ours and based on personal experiences.

Visit www.steenbergfarm.com for more details.

*Source: Steenberg Website

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