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#TravelChatSA Experiences: Tokara Deli & Olive Oil tasting experience

Our last #TravelChatSA Experience took place at the beautiful TOKARA Farm in their lovely Deli for an unusual tasting.


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With a group of bloggers under #TravelChatSA Experiences umbrella,we spent the afternoon at TOKARA and were treated to an Olive Oil tasting with their olive oil master Gert van Dyk . TOKARA extra virgin, cold pressed olive oil are produced in their boutique-style production plant simply next door to their beautiful DELI.

Yes, it was a first one for me. And while there is a correct way to hold your wine glass, I’ve learned there is also a correct way to hold the glass while doing an olive oil tasting.
Cup the glass in one hand, and cover it with the other, warming it for a minute or two and trapping the aromas inside.
Swirl the oil gently to release aromas then stick your nose in the glass, and inhale deeply.



REPEAT! Easy as that.

Note: olive oil tasting can be quite overwhelming so take a slow first sip:)

For those who never visited TOKARA Deli, it is a Child – friendly destination located on the beautiful TOKARA wine farm just outside of Stellenbosch.
The Simonsberg Mountain views are spectacular as well as olive groves and vineyards views that your can enjoy from the deli. It’s a perfect place for casual lunch or breakfast with your family or friends… the deli serves all the amazing goodies including delicious pizzas, pastas and apparently their very yummy cheesecake which I am yet to try on my next visit.

After the tasting we enjoyed a lovely lunch in the Deli known for making all their dishes using organic ingredients grown on the farm. The menu offers a great variety of yumminess on the plate. All lovely presented and very well priced.

Did you know that: 🍈 100% pure extra virgin olive oil is the only oil you should use for cooking – it’s simply the healthiest 🍈 some of the finest quality olive oils are produced in #southafrica
🍈TOKARA released their 2018 #evoo – so get your bottle asap.


What our guest had to saying about the experience?


Marlize Stander | Twitter: @winelands

“A visit to the Tokara Delicatessen, positioned right at the top of the Helshoogte Pass outside Stellenbosch, is quite literally a feast for the senses. On a recent visit, approaching the venue, I was delighted by the dramatic sculptures perfectly positioned for maximum visual impact in the lush gardens. The actual location in its elevated position against the foothills of the Simonsberg is simply breathtaking. In the Deli garden my view of Stellenbosch and Table mountain in the distance was blocked by a peacock showing off its gorgeous plumage, but I didn’t mind at all! We were treated to a special tutored tasting of Tokara’s award-winning range of Olive Oils – the Superstar being the recently released cold extracted Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil. I can’t wait to use this bottle of ‘liquid gold’ during the coming festive season, treating my family to yummy salads and other dishes in which this exceptional olive oil’s amazing flavour will be best celebrated.

After an olive oil tasting, its best you stay for a leisurely lunch to sip Tokara’s superb range of wines. I enjoyed a most refreshing Waldorf Salad followed by a pizza, topped with delicious flavourful ingredients. Do come hungry though as the portions are quite sizeable and great value for money. I will certainly return soon and can highly recommend Tokara Delicatessen as the ideal breakfast or lunch spot. Bring friends and ‘kuier’ for hours!”


Anna Reyneke | Twitter: @annasdumpling

Watch here VIDEO here.


Nadine Carroll | Twitter: @livingitupct 

“Tokara takes olive oil tasting to the next level! Beautifully presented, we experienced an #EVOO tasting unlike any other. We were amongst the first to try their superb 2018 vintage, comprising of 4 exceptional quality Extra Virgin Olive Oils with various flavour profiles. A fascinating and tasty experience that I highly recommend! The tasting was followed by a relaxed and luscious lunch at Tokara Deli. A lovely ambience with delicious food, fine wine and an impressive deli to shop for all sorts of goodies, Tokara is a must visit. The incredible vineyard and mountain views will leave you breathless, whilst the lush gardens and interesting sculptures will delight and inspire you. Also, they probably have one of the coolest outdoor play areas for kids! I know I can’t wait to return with my family.”


Abby Buhanan | Twitter: @OneStilettoBlog 

“The moment you step foot onto the TOKARA estate you know you’re in for something special. With exquisite artwork set around the grounds. The most amazing views and a comfortable atmosphere.  On the day we visited, we were there to do an olive oil tasting. Something I had done before but never properly. I appreciate a good extra virgin olive oil and so was thrilled to learn the proper way to taste, olive oil should be at a slightly warmer than room temperature degree and as we all cradled our little blue glasses, so as to not be swayed by the colour, you could feel the passion and love that went into making these high-quality oils. In a market that is flooded with fakes and diluted “extra virgin oils”, TOKARA’s Olive Oil range is as authentic as they come. Rich in flavour with something for every dish and palate, TOKARA olive oil is pure, extremely fresh and local. After learning so much about olive oil and the industry at whole I will from now on only be supporting small batch local olive oil producers. ”


Fiona Rossiter | Twitter: @inspired_lifeSA 

“I recently joined Travel Chat SA for a media experience at Tokara Estate, in Stellenbosch. No, it was not wine tasting, it was in fact, an Extra Virgin Olive Oil {EVOO} Tasting.

Our tasting guide was Gert van Dyk, Tokara’s olive oil master, who explained that olive oil is all about capturing the goodness of the fresh olive in the bottle.

The estate produces four cold pressed extra virgin olive oils. Two single variety oils and two multi-variety blends, which are the Misson 2018, Frantoio 2018, Multi-varietal 2018 and the Premium 2018.

Much like wine tasting, you sip and then swirl the oil in your mouth to experience its full flavour profile. My favourite is the Premium 2018, a fusion of the Coratina, Leccino, Frantoio and Mission olive variants, which is intense and robust in flavour.

It was a fascinating experience! I learnt so much about EVOO, as well as the olive oil industry in SA.”

Click HERE for a full review.


Megan Richards | Twitter: @blogauthentic 

“A charming estate hidden away in the mountains of Stellenbosch with exceptional food, wine, and olive oil. Our media day started with an education on olive oil, learning about the single variety oils and multi-variety blends made on the estate. Our olive oil master facilitated an olive oil tasting and later taught us how to pair the different oils with food.

Thereafter we moved into Tokara Delicatessen for lunch which comprised of a fresh “Waldorf” salad, pizza of choice (I chose the preserved lemon roasted chicken pizza) and chocolate truffles. The food and wine experience was simple, yet uncomplicated. The preserve chicken pizza paired with mozzarella, caramelised onion and rosemary was delicious! All the flavours worked really well together.

Tokara Delicatessen is ideal for families or a relaxed girl’s day out. The play area is visible from (almost) every angle in the Delicatessen in order for parents to keep a watchful eye whilst the kids play. The ambiance is relaxed and ideal for Summer.”



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We have been hosted at TOKARA Deli as part of #TravelChatSA Experieces / Opinions are ours and based on personal experiences.

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