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#HEXplore, #HEXperience and #HEXcape to Hex River Valley. Join #TravelChatSA conversation, 3rd of March at 7pm with our Special Co-Hosts @HexValley, @TipsyGypsy_SA and @swirlandspice.

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Date & Time: 3rd March at 7PM SAST (UCT 2)

Topic: #HEXplore. #HEXperience and #HEXcape to Hex River Valley / South Africa.

IMPORTANT: The pandemic is ongoing. We recommend checking and following local regulations before you travel.

Q1 Tell us in one sentence and a picture why one should put #HexRiverValley on the local travel list (Give multiply examples) via @traveltonia #TravelChatSA #SouthAfrica (19:00)

Q2 The #HexRiverValley has beauty to share in every season. Show off Summer, Autumn, Winter & Spring in pics (give pic credit if not your own) #TravelChatSA #SouthAfrica (19:15)

Q3 Where to stay & play in the #HexRiverValley? Give us your recommendations and share pictures via @hexvalley #TravelChatSA #SouthAfrica (19:30)

Q4 When visiting the #HexRiverValley and the surrounding area what wine estates are a must to visit? Share pictures… #TravelChatSA #SouthAfrica (19:45)

BONUS Q5 Share pictures of the beautiful views in the #HexRiverValley. #TravelChatSA #SouthAfrica (19:55)

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Save the date! Next chat will take place 10th March. Topic: TBA

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