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Tree Hotel – The concept “live in a treehut” is given a new dimension | Sweden

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Treehotel offers a unique hotel experience: treerooms with contemporary design in the middle of unspoiled nature.

Here you can forget about the time constraints of everyday life, enjoy the serenity, and rejuvenate in a sophisticated yet familiar environment.


The Cabin is like a capsule, a foreign body in the trees. The room is 24m² and accommodates two people, with a double bed, bathroom and terrace.


Treehotel is located in Harads, near the Lule river, about 100 kilometers from Luleå airport. The village has a population of about 600 and features a restaurant, shop and guest house. When you arrive at Treehotel, you check in at Britta’s Pensionat. Then it’s just a short stroll through the beautiful nature to your treeroom.


The Mirrorcube is an exciting hide-out among the trees, camouflaged by mirrored walls that reflect their surroundings.
To prevent birds from flying into the mirrored walls, they have been clad with infrared film. The colour is invisible to humans, but visible to the birds.



The interior is made from plywood with a birch surface. The six windows provide a stunning panoramic view.


The most striking part of Harads is its magnificent surroundings. From Treehotel’s rooms you get a fantastic view of the Lule River valley, miles of forest and the powerful river.


The Bird’s nest is built on the contrasts between the outside and inside. The treeroom’s exterior is nothing but a gigantic bird’s nest. It gives a camouflage so you quickly disappear and become part of the surroundings.



The interior, on the other hand, is familiar and exclusive. It’s a spacious environment where a family with two children can comfortably spread out.

Treehotel is built on the genuine experience of nature, so it’s a given that sustainability and ecological values are two pillars of the hotel operation.

The treerooms are built in the natural forest while hardly affecting the surroundings. Material and construction techniques used makes as little environmental impact as possible. Rooms are build on live trees without destroying the tree.


The Blue Cone is based on simplicity and accessibility, both in terms of material and design.



The room is a traditional wooden structure with three foundations in the ground to give a sense of height and lightness, but also stability.

At Treehotel you can experience the charm of all four seasons, regardless of whether you like speed and adventure, or tranquility and time for reflection.


UFO – The room is cast in durable composite material – all to create the lightest, yet strong and sustainable design possible.


To find out more we asked Kent – the Founder of Treehotel a few questions:

Tell us about the idea of Treehouse? How did it start?

The idea, actually started from a documentary film called “Tree Lover” by three guys from Stockholm who grew up here.  The film is about trees meaning in different cultures and religions. In this film they build a treehut, which after the film was finished was left empty, so we rented it out from them.

We have run a Pensionat for eight years and always looked for something to extend it with. But this treehut is 8 kilometers from us, so it was difficult to service it – and that’s where we got the idea to build our own Tree rooms.

I also run a fishing company selling fishing travels all over the world. And on one of this trips to Russia, together with Sweden’s best architect I presented the idea of the Tree rooms to them. They got really excited and said yes.

So that’s how it all started, so two years later we inaugurate the first rooms.

What is your favourite Treehotel house?

It is difficult they are so unlike each other, but I would say The Blue Cone.

But it changes over the year and season.

Tell us something more about new addition to Treehouse family – The Dragonfly?

The Dragon fly is our biggest room it is 50 square meters and weight 20 tons.

It is a combine conference room and sleeping room.



While staying at Treehotel many activities can be arranged that allow you to meet interesting locals and experience Swedish culture. Britta’s Pensionat is open for Treehotel’s guests, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.


To find out more visit:

W: www.treehotel.se

or simply follow on Facebook or Twitter.


Images Courtesy of Theehotel | Photo: Peter Lundstrom, WDO