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16 Rules of Mushroom Picking | Poland

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When you in Poland you HAVE to go Mushroom Picking – best season for that is June/July to August/September.

You will always have an amazing time in the forest but there are some GOLDEN Rules one should know:)


Rule 1: Always Go Mushroom Picking with someone who knows the forest area or be prepared with maps and compass


Rule 2: Always Go with Someone who has a great knowledge about Mushrooms (Mushroom Expert) or get a book guide showing which mushrooms are good/eatable and which one not. If you not sure – LEAVE IT! Keep your known edibles separate from unknown mushroom which are possibly dangerous. Mushroom picking is an educational experience.


Rule 3: Dress Comfortably – gum boots, trousers, long sleeve tops, caps. Raincoat if needed. During autumn and hunting seasons wear hunter orange in the woods at all times.

Rule 4: Always have a cream or spray for mosquitoes and forest ticks. Better safe than sorry.

Rule 5: Always have something to drink with you – mushroom picking equals long walks in the forest. You can even pack small picnic lunch and enjoy your meal outdoors.


Rule 6: Enjoy the Nature: trees, animals, plants, forest characteristics. If you like TAKE PICTURES.

Rule 7: Do not damage the environment.

Rule 8: Always be prepared to discover something you didn’t expect (e.g beautiful forest pond)


Rule 9: If you in a group always spread but within a distance you can see each other for a chance finding more mushrooms.

Rule 10: BREATH!

Rule 11: It is not easy to spot the mushroom, so its good to stop and look around slowly. If you find one there is more likely more mushrooms.


Rule 12: Bring small bucket (Not a plastic bag) and knife with you – it helps picking and collecting your mushrooms.

Rule 13: Some of the reserves forbids mushroom picking so please check that first.

Rule 14: Don’t scream in the forest – its a place when animals leave and it will disturb their peace.

Rule 15: Not every pretty looking forest berry is an eatable one. Check first!


Rule 16: Have Fun!



Images pat@travelopulentbox (July 2016)