Guest Blog, Opulent Destinations — Feb 27, 2017 12:30 AM

Guest Blog: Wheelchair Friendly Accommodation by Bernadette Erasmus @kaleidoscopebe

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Joost van der Westhuizen remarked “Why not me”, when interviewed regarding his condition. RIP Truth is it could be any one of us. Life changes when you are in a wheelchair (regardless of cause)

As Andrew Knowlman writes in his blog :

“Electric wheelchair, Manuel wheelchair, stair lift, tip-up chair, perching stool, raised toilet seat, adjustable bed..” (From inside-my-mind) This is even more reason to highlight that a joy like travelling is possible.

A glowing testimony to this is Rida Desai (@MRidaDesai) As he writes in his article “Cape Town, South Africa: Local Expert Travel Tips” on  Rida explores Cape Town and surrounds, advising on accessibility for both motorized and manual wheelchairs. His comprehensive account includes where wheelchair friendly facilities can be expected at the various destinations as well as which beaches are ideal. “Camps Bay‘s grass banks and walk ways allow for easy access.” A must, add this to your to do list.

Rida concludes by offering tips on infrastructure, medical assistance and tour companies. One such tour company is Epic-Enabled, not only do they offer tours, but also have an Epic Guest House. It was born out of the knowledge “that many ‘enabled’ people wish to experience the same sense of adventure.”

Alfie, the owner leads the tours. All aspects are catered for, from the chosen accommodation, nutritious meals to accessible vehicles. All safety measures have been taken to ensure that wheelchairs are secure, whilst vehicle is in motion. This includes elevated seats to enhance all-round views. Various packages are available- visit   Their Epic Guest House is cosy yet spacious, ensuring easy manoeuvring for  wheelchairs. As mentioned by traveller Karen Krimberg, “The Epic Adventure will not heal you or enable you. But it will empower you. And that is a priceless thing to have – empowerment.”

Setting the sight a bit further afield, Mount Etjo Lodge Namibia situated in the heart of the Okonjati Game Reserve.  It was founded by conservationist Jan Oelofse, who together with wife Annette and the team has created an oasis. The game drive vehicle has a loading lift at the back to allow guests in wheelchairs to participate in all activities. Thus they can share in exploring “the home of over 8000 animals and an impressive variety of bird species.”  Some rooms are furnished for wheelchairs with handrails in the bathrooms and ramps throughout the lodge As Etjo means place of refuge; they have not only created it but continue to honour that. Visit

Andrew Knowlman writes in his blog   “Hope, fear, joy, sadness, relief, calm. You can feel it all.” You can experience the joy of travel, which leave us with the 3 C’s in life. Robin Lusk’s post embraces it best.

The 3 C’s of Life

The 3 C’s of Life: Choices, Chances, Changes. You must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change.” – Anonymous.

“This little fella has his choice of feeders, which is rare, because I get a lot of birds… Which one do you think he chose?” ©Robin Lusk


Written by Bernadette Erasmus @kaleidoscopebe