Walking the South African Coastline – Interview with Zakie Odendaal @OdendaalZakie

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For a couple of months now I have been following on Twitter (and then on all other Social Media) walking journey of Zekie Odendaal – who is currently attempting to walk the South African Coastline. How amazing is that?

What a inspiring and brave thing to do as a solo female traveler. And what an adventure.

To find our more and to get to know Zakie a bit more we asked a few questions:

Please introduce yourself. I’m Zakie Odendaal , I’m 22 years old. I grew up in a small town Lydenburg, Mpumalanga. After school I moved away, worked, studied photography, lived in Cape Town for a year or so and then I worked overseas for a bit. About 8 months ago I decided to come back to South Africa and follow my dream. Which is to walk out the entire South African Coastline.

Walking South African Coastline as a Solo Female Traveller – where is the idea coming from? I kinda just woke up one day with this idea of walking out the South African Coastline. I did a little bit of research and saw that people have done similar journeys like this before. Since then (I was 17 years old) the dream never left my heart.

When did you start and when does the trip ends? I started my journey on the border of Namibia on 20 September 2016. I am currently walking on the coastline stretching for more than 3000km and I have covered more then half of the kilometers in 5 months. I gave myself 10 months to complete the journey, which ends on the border of Mozambique. A solo mission, without a support team or sponsorship.

What are the biggest challenges walking SA Coastline? You know the biggest challenge is not the walking soo far each a day, soft sand or crossing river – its negative people.
Keeping a healthy body and mind. Good Nutritional food gives you strength to walk out 30 km a day, unhealthy nutrition less food will make you weak and you will not be able to finish the walk. Its the same with keeping a healthy mind, positivity will push you, negativity will drown you.

What you enjoying the most? Definitely the freedom! Free from commitments, free from time and life’s worries and then getting to see all the beautiful creations and wonderful miracles of our Lord God in heaven.

What are the reactions of people you meet along the way (about you walking SA Coastline Solo)? A lot of people tells me I’m crazy, some people tell me its inspiring and then sometimes I meet lovely people who Cheer’s for me and motivate me:)

What advice would you give to females traveling solo? Don’t be afraid to go travel on your own, just because they tell you its not safe for a women on her own. Its true we have more dangers to be aware off but we also have more advantages. So don’t try to do like a man on a solo mission but think like women on a solo mission.
We might not have the strength of a man but we have a mind of a woman.

What’s next – any travel plans? I can’t give you specifics of my next journey yet but stay tuned because its going to be an epic cycling expedition, and even though its another solo mission, there is going to be a lot more people and sponsorship involved:)


Will be following Zakie until the end of her journey in Mozambique and hope now you will too.

So if you meet Zakie – say “hi” 🙂 she is a true inspiration.


Follow Zakie and her travels on Twitter – HERE, Facebook – HERE or Instagram – HERE.


Images by Zakie