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32 Reasons why We Love South Africa (based on #TravelChatSA)

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Our last #TravelChatSA was #ProudlySouthAfrican as we shouted to the world #LocalTravelisLekker (based on blog series by @tulipandphoenix / tulipsandphoenixes.co.za).

Below list of 32 reasons why we love South Africa.:

  1. So much to do here!

2. Our Sunsets are Amazing

3. History & Heritage

4. We have almost every landscape

5. Vibrant & Passionate People

6. Great Weather

7. Affordable 5 star holidays

8. Rich Culture

9. The Best Wines

10. Diversity

11. Our Winelands

12. We do Braai

13. We have a Good Sense of Humor

14.Our Winter is beautiful too

15. World famous attractions

16. We Love Our Cities

17. And Our Small Town

18. And Our Wildlife

19. We get up early to enjoy Spectacular Sunrises

20. We offer Warm Hospitality

21. & Great Food 

22. Our Mountains are our Pride

23. and so do Fynbos & Flora 

24. Adventure Travels 

25. Our Artistic Souls 

26. Roadtrips 

27. Picnics and Outdoor concerts 

28. Our Beaches 

29. Our Storms

30. Bird Life 

31. West Coast of South Africa 



Header Picture by Gabriel Sithole

  • I’m sorry I missed this chat…. will have to keep an eye on Twitter for the next one.

    As a Brit, I love South Africa. Yes, I’ve been called a sout**** ! So many reasons – climate, people, sights, animals, food, drink, cost of living etc. but most of all, this is my one thing.

    Because in RSA I can do an abundance of things at leisure that I’d normally have to take a holiday for – see the sights, animals, adventure sports, beaches, nature, landscape, activities etc. – so baie dankie RSA Ek Lief vir Suid Afrika (hope the Afrikaans works)

    Keep up the great work 🙂