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Interview: Discovering the Finer Things in Life with Cape Culture Art Tours | South Africa

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Please Introduce yourself and tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Brad Twaddle. I was born and raised in Johannesburg, where I completed by schooling and did my tertiary education. Growing up I was always interested in the creative side of things. Often spending my days enveloped by arts & crafts, drawing and preforming. I tend to think that creativity flows through my bloodstream. Since leaving school I furthered my career in Dance, and took my career on stage, where I spent several years doing ad-hoc shows and performances. Moving to Cape Town at the age of 24, I got involved with an Art Gallery where I began my career wheeling and dealing in the South African Art world. I worked alongside a magnificent Gallery Team, representing several local artists, handling the build-up and hosting of their exhibitions and participating several art fairs. I enjoyed my role as an art consultant, selling art and working as much into the press as possible. I am very passionate about the arts and local talents that we have to offer.

What triggered the idea to Cape Culture Art Tours?

After leaving the Art Gallery, I entered the Hospitality industry with my partner, starting up a Art Chic Private Hotel. I have been working with many local and international operators. I recognised the great need and interest to take foreign travellers or local art curious clientele out and about on cultural days out through the beautiful cape regions. With all my past years of knowledge, experience and personal relationships that I have created with many of the local artists, this was the perfect opportunity and platform to help educate people about South African Art Culture as well as offer them an elite “artsy” experience when visiting our magnificent city.

Can you describe the perfect art day trip with Cape Culture Art Tours?

Each trip is so different as all my clients have various likes and interests, bringing different conversations to the table. If I can describe the perfect trip, it is that my client gets to see everything that they want as well as experiencing something new. Learning more about a specific artist of interest or gaining further insight in South African Art history. Leaving them with a greater appreciation for Art, the Artists and the incredible Galleries we have to offer.

Do people get the option about how they want the tour to be structured?

All my tours are tailor made to suite their requirements. I do a briefing with the client to find out what their likes and interest are. Some clients are hunting to for new acquisitions to grow their art collection, others just want a cultural day out of gallery hopping. My clients are very involved in the structure of their tour but I offer my advice and recommendations where need be. Somethings I like to keep as a surprise on the tour. There is nothing better than seeing their reaction when I bring them to something that takes their breath away. Offering a memory or experience they will never forget when on their day out exploring with me.

What’s the level of art expertise amongst the people who book your tours?

I have a variety of people that book with me, ranging from the Art Curious, to the Art Enthusiasts up until and including the Art Connoisseurs.

Tell us about a special “wow” moment for you when you are guiding?

As mentioned previously, when I get that look on the faces of my clients or receive that voluptuous hug or handshake, telling me that this has been an experience that they will never forget.

Tell us about your favorite artist?

Gosh, this is a tough one as there are just so many artists that I like, for various many reasons. If have must give you one off the top of my head, it is Sasha Hartslief.

What about your favourite gallery?

Barnard Gallery in Newlands, is one of my favourite Gallery’s to visit.

Tell us about your favourite travel destination and why?

Without a doubt it would be New York, the city that never sleeps. This creative hub is jam packed with people, creativity, soul, energy, art, talent and more. It’s a place that I will return to over and over again and will always learn something new about myself. The concrete jungle where dreams are made of!

What we can expect from Cape Culture Art Tours in a year or so?

Apart from doing my part to help grow the South African Art Industry from my base here in the gorgeous Western Cape, I would like to continue to grow and take my business to other cities and other parts of the country. Offering a complete South African Art Culture Trip.


To find out more about Cape Culture Art Tour visit:

W: www.capeculture.com

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Images courtesy of Cape Culture Art Tours