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/ May 23, 2017 7:21 AM

Some Temptations One Should Never Resist – De Hoek Appreciates This Truth… | Guest Blog by @r_kambule

This was my second visit following the most delightful 5 course dinner I had at The Conservatory Restaurant last October – see my blog “A Long Celebration of Life @De Hoek” I got to stay in the night and confirmed why I fell in love with this elegant country hotel tucked in Magaliesberg on my first visit. I’m still enchanted by the dreamy driveway leading to the hotel parking, then the dramatic staircase towards the reception area. A river runs through the property… called Magalies River with a charming driveway that I mistook for a guest walk-way the last [&hellip

/ May 20, 2017 5:09 PM

Welcome to Cape Town, a Vegan Friendly City | Guest Blog by The Vegan Rainbow @traveltonia

Vegan travel in a meat loving country like South Africa? Yes, you heard right. Even in South Africa, where a ‘braai’ (BBQ) is a favorite tradition, a plant-based lifestyle is becoming more and more popular amongst people. Cape Town already boosts 4 vegan/vegetarian restaurants in the CBD area with more still to open for sure. Quite surprisingly you’ll easily find vegan options in most restaurants. If you have booked self-catering accommodation, don’t panic either. You’ll find vegan products in most supermarkets and the Wellness Warehouse brand definitely has got you covered. The Wellness Warehouse on Kloof Street (city center) for [&hellip

/ Apr 12, 2017 6:17 AM

Mothers & Fathers: Outing Ideas for Mother’s and Father’s Day by Bernadette Erasmus @kaleidoscopebe

Remember those family outings; we all had them one way or the other, excitement at seeing something new as promised by mom and dad. Later as puberty struck maybe less so, fact is, this is the stuff memories are made of. Those were the times when such a day was completed by making the taxing choice between chocolate or strawberry milkshake on a lazy afternoon. Recreate those special moments this Mother and Father’s Day. The Mother City offers a variety of options for spoils for both mom and dad. As time is always pressing in modern society, consider the following [&hellip

/ Feb 27, 2017 12:30 AM

Guest Blog: Wheelchair Friendly Accommodation by Bernadette Erasmus @kaleidoscopebe

Joost van der Westhuizen remarked “Why not me”, when interviewed regarding his condition. RIP Truth is it could be any one of us. Life changes when you are in a wheelchair (regardless of cause) As Andrew Knowlman writes in his blog : “Electric wheelchair, Manuel wheelchair, stair lift, tip-up chair, perching stool, raised toilet seat, adjustable bed..” (From inside-my-mind) This is even more reason to highlight that a joy like travelling is possible. A glowing testimony to this is Rida Desai (@MRidaDesai) As he writes in his article “Cape Town, South Africa: Local Expert Travel Tips” on  Rida explores [&hellip

/ Feb 21, 2017 6:00 PM

Guest Blog: Child-friendly Hoods – Cape Town via Bernadette Erasmus from @kaleidoscopebe

Parenthood is an evolving process, any parent will tell you. After the new arrival, the said parents face the travelling years. Yup, all have been there, think crying toddler in the plane, the red face parents, disturbed looks from other passengers. Those more advanced in years might even have a slight giggle and reminiscences of their own in the same situation. So the new parents want to go away, as it is with new parents, they can’t be away from little ones too long. Why not take them with, easier said than done. Child-friendly accommodation impacts the pocket, after acquiring [&hellip

/ Sep 30, 2016 12:35 AM

Guest Blog: Heaps of ‘Glam’ & Panache at Koesterfontein Glamping Farm by Rebecca Kambule

Perched in a corner, right on top of a cliff is Koesterfontein Glamping Farm, overlooking parts of the magnificent valley of Magaliesburg Mountains. The location is remarkable, the road was frustrating due to the dirt-road that accesses the farm from the main road, but once you get there, it is breath-taking. The farm is 10km from Magaliesburg CBD but factor in the slow drive on the dirt road, which does add to the drive time, especially for a small car (a 4x or 4×2 ideal). We stayed at the Rock-House, with each and every room offering extensive views to the open [&hellip

/ Jul 20, 2016 12:28 AM

Guest Blog: My City Jozi Corners by Rebecca Kambule

“My city, my city, I love my city…”???! Song by Toya Delazy… in my head as I sat down for this piece. We’re at The Potato Shed in Newtown, Johannesburg inner city, my indulgent hangout discovered at the beginning of 2016, thanks to my partner in many crimes of travel :-). Not only does she work in the vicinity, but has resided here since 2005. The Potato Shed is a concept of potato dishes and some soulful food cooked the Southern way – if you’re looking for healthy, keep walking, I would say! Potatoes need some added goodness which can [&hellip

/ Jul 6, 2016 12:34 AM

Guest Blog: Three Asian Countries – Three Very Different Food Experiences by Ashley & Kile from Explore Every Road

One of the best aspects of traveling and experiencing different cultures is the food. No question. Hands down. It speaks volumes about the local traditions and the history of the people in the region. And best of all? It’s generally always delicious.   Trying foods from different countries can be a bit scary. There’s strange ingredients. The preparation can be drastically different than “home.” But trying local cuisine is by far one of the best ways to learn about and appreciate the country you’re visiting. My husband and I have been to three Asian countries in the past 3 weeks [&hellip

/ Jun 30, 2016 12:30 AM

Guest Blog: Nice Things in my Neighborhood via Rebecca Kambule

I first visited this cozy, unassuming restaurant in 2010 as a new resident in Parkhust. Then you had along the same block on Parkhurst’s Fourth Avenue, Nice Things (clothes), Nice Books and Nice (Food, dining). Nice Books and Nice were inter-leading to each other, so I’d go to the book store pick up a book and sit down and order my cappuccino served from Nice. My cuppa came still with bubbles on the crema from the fresh coffee beans by my favorite Fairtrade Accredited- coffee maker “Bean There Coffee” which I so delightfully approved. My next visit I would page [&hellip

/ Oct 20, 2015 6:09 AM

Guest Blog: Why I Love the Deep South Of Cape Town by Nicolette Good

I can think of so many reasons to visit the Deep South of Cape Town. There is an abundance of Ocean prettiness and calm that most would succumb too, in just a single visit. It also offers an unrivalled stretch of coastline, with a gorgeous  display of both  Fynbos & Sea life. In fact it would be fair, for even a local Capetonian, to regard the Deep South, as a week -end getaway, due to its tranquil surroundings. The rhythm of Life is slower here. For me the Deep South, encompasses the sea side villages of Fish Hoek, Glencairn, Simonstown, Scarbough, [&hellip