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/ Mar 24, 2017 2:25 PM

Water and Forests in South Africa – Join #TravelChatSA 29th March at 7pm.

#145: #TravelChatSA Wednesday 29th March 2017 | Topic: Water and Forests in South Africa    Q1 Do you think forest and water is an important factor in tourism and why? Share a Picture via @gotravelbug #TravelChatSA (19h00) Q2 Most Enchanting Forest you’ve been to in SA is? & what necessary precautions one should take when exploring via @Winelands  #TravelChatSA (19h15) Q3 What are the obvious choices you make about water saving when travelling? Share your tips via @r_kambule #TravelChatSA (19h30) Q4 Name your special place or activity a) by the ocean and b) in a forest in South Africa. Share [&hellip

/ Mar 2, 2017 5:19 PM

Women in Travel on #TravelChatSA – 8th March | Join the Conversation!

#144: #TravelChatSA Wednesday 8th March 2017 | Topic: Women in Travel   Q1 Is travelling as a woman different? What are your tips/suggestions/what you’ve experienced? via @TravelChatSA #TravelChatSA (19h00) Q2 What would be your ideal women-only local getaway? And what activities would you plan to do? via @tulipandphoenix #TravelChatSA (19h15) Q3  Recommend tourism projects in South Africa that are funded by women via @DoroLef #TravelChatSA (19h30) Q4  Tell us about Female Traveler who’s Adventures inspire you to Explore the World. Who is it? via @TravelOpulent #TravelChatSA (19h45) BONUS Q5: Tell us about a place on top of your bucket list to visit as [&hellip

/ Mar 2, 2017 4:54 PM

Safari DO’s and DON’Ts | South Africa

Last night on #TravelChatSA we talked all about Wildlife. Apart from sharing an amazing wildlife photography (recap here), stories & experiences – we did discussed what to do and what not to do while on Safari. Let’s don’t be ignorant! Below list of DO’s & DONT’s : A3: No loud voices/music/shouting/ kids when on a drive or self driving 🙈 #TravelChatSA this is bad for the animals & others in the park — Cee (@CeecesTravel) March 1, 2017 Travel 'Do'… 👣Leave nothing but footprints#TravelChatSA #traveltips #Durban #wowSouthAfrica 🇿🇦 — Monique van der Walt (@Monique_PR_) March 1, 2017 A3: Be [&hellip

/ Feb 23, 2017 12:30 AM

Talking Wildlife South Africa (due to 3rd March World Wildlife Day) on #TravelChatSA 1st March. Join us!

#143: #TravelChatSA Wednesday 1st March 2017 | Topic: Wildlife in South Africa Q1 Tell us why you think South Africa is perfect Nature and Wildlife destination? Share a Picture via @TravelChatSA #TravelChatSA (19h00) Q2 Share an interesting fact about an animal tourists can meet in SouthAfrica. Share a picture via @DoroLef #TravelChatSA (19h15) Q3 What are DO’s and DONT’s during Safari experience? Share your opinion, pictures via @TravelOpulent #TravelChatSA (19h30) Q4  Most special wildlife encounter. Share a photo via @naturebunny007 #TravelChatSA (19h45) BONUS Q5: What epic wildlife experience is still on your bucket list. Share a picture via @patrycjaOo  #TravelChatSA (19h55) [&hellip

/ Feb 16, 2017 4:44 PM

Join #TravelChatSA on Adventure Travel in South Africa and #Win with @TsitsikammaVI | Wednesday 22nd February

#142: #TravelChatSA Wednesday 22nd February 2017 | Topic: Adventure Travel in South Africa Q1  Why is adventure travel such an amazing way to experience South Africa? Share a Picture via @Tsitsikamma #TravelChatSA (19h00) Q2 What has been your favourite adventure on a family vacation? Share a Picture via @AvontuurTier #TravelChatSA (19h15) Q3 Winter vs summer activities – which season offers more? What’s your favorite Share a picture via @TsitsikammaVI #TravelChatSA (19h30) Q4 What are the do’s and don’ts of booking adventure activities in SA. Share some tips via @Winelands #TravelChatSA (19h45) BONUS Q5: What is still on your adventure travel list? Why? [&hellip

/ Feb 9, 2017 12:30 AM

Getting Around in South Africa – Join #TravelChatSA 15th February

#141: #TravelChatSA Wednesday 15th February 2017 | Topic: Getting Around in South Africa Q1 What are the best ways to get around in #SouthAfrica? Share a Picture via @TravelChatSA #TravelChatSA (19h00) Q2 What should be improved regarding transport options in SA? Give examples via @PatrycjaOo #TravelChatSA (19h15) Q3  What are your top tips and advices taking different transport options in SA via @TravelOpulent #TravelChatSA (19h30) Q4 What was the most interesting method of transportation you’ve ever taken in SA or somewhere in the world. Share a photo via @TravelOpulent #TravelChatSA (19h45) BONUS Q5: What’s your most invigorating pass to drive through. [&hellip

/ Feb 1, 2017 12:30 AM

Romantic Travel in South Africa – Join #TravelChatSA conversation 8th February.

#140: #TravelChatSA Wednesday 8th February 2017 | Topic: Romantic Travel in South Africa Q1 Tell us why you think South Africa is perfect for Romantic Travel? Share a picture via @TravelOpulent #TravelChatSA (19h00) Q2 If you were to treat your Valentine to a special breakfast/lunch/dinner how would you make it a Proudly South African Experience? via @winelands  #TravelChatSA (19h15) Q3 Spread the love and reveal your favorite romantic hideaway spot to escape to! Share a Picture via @tulipandphoenix #TravelChatSA (19h30) Q4 Which old age homes or community centers would you deliver roses & cookies to to fill their Valentine’s day with love [&hellip

/ Jan 19, 2017 3:21 PM

Beach Vibes – South Africa in Summer | 25th January at 7pm – Join the #TravelChatSA conversation!

#139: #TravelChatSA Wednesday 25th January 2017 | Topic: Beach Vibes – Summer in South Africa  Q1 Tell us (by sharing your photos) WHY you love Summer Holiday in SA and what makes it unique? via @TravelOpulent #TravelChatSA (19h00) Q2 What is your Beach Gear that you cannot go without? What one should take to the beach in SA? via @PatrycjaOo #TravelChatSA (19h15) Q3 Tell us about the most interesting beach activity you have come across. Share a Picture via @gotravelbug #TravelChatSA (19h30) Q4 Sunsets on the Beach? Share your picture. Where was it taken? via @TravelChatSA  #TravelChatSA (19h45) BONUS Q5: Share [&hellip

/ Jan 18, 2017 6:22 AM

2017 #TravelChatSA Topic List

To help us (and YOU!) in planning, herewith a 2017 #TravelChatSA Topic List. We will be updating this as often as possible so do come back for updates.  If you’s like to join and co-host future chat with a topic close to your heart- get in touch. Prize sponsors are welcome. For topic suggestions please DM @travelopulent or @DoroLef / or post your suggestion in a comment below together with your Twitter Handle, if we use your idea – we will credit your.   FUTURE TOPICS: JANUARY  Next #TravelChatSA: 25th January – Sand and Beach (Summer Vibes South Africa)   [&hellip

/ Jan 5, 2017 6:41 PM

Save the Date: #TravelChatSA is back! 18th January @ 7PM | Topic: Planning Ahead – Travel in SA 2017 with Special Guest @MishkaPatel

#138: #TravelChatSA Wednesday 18th January 2017 | Topic: Planning Ahead. Travel in South Africa in 2017 (topic suggestsed by @DoroLef) #TravelChatSA is back! Please join us for the first time in New 2017 as we talk and plan ahead our travels in South Africa in 2017. It’s going to be an exciting #TravelChatSA come back with Special Guest @MishkaPatel. Save the Date!   Q1 What Parts of #SouthAfrica as well as in the World are on your Bucket List in 2017? And Why? Via @TravelOpulent  #TravelChatSA (19h00) Q2 What makes South Africa a country to visit all year round? via @DoroLef #TravelChatSA [&hellip