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/ Jul 27, 2017 11:06 AM

South Africa – Perfect Honeymoon Destination | #TravelChatSA 2nd August – Join the Conversation.

#158: #TravelChatSA 2nd August 2017 | Topic: South Africa – Perfect Honeymoon Destination   Q1 #TravelChatSA (19h00) Q2 #TravelChatSA (19h15) Q3  #TravelChatSA (19h30) Q4  #TravelChatSA (19h45) BONUS Q5:  #TravelChatSA (19h55)   Host: @TravelChatSA, @travelopulent, @DoroLef, @r_kambule, @Winelands, @traveltonia Co-Hosts:   How it works: – Follow Hashtag #TravelChatSA and tweet chat stream here; – Follow our Host @travelopulent, @TravelChatSA, @DoroLef, @r_kambule, @Winelands, @traveltonia as well as our Co-Hosts for the evening. – DO remember to use the chat hash tag #TravelChatSA in each tweet (we don’t want to miss anything you say) –Make sure your Twitter feed is not private. Your posts won’t come up on [&hellip

/ Jul 19, 2017 5:25 PM

Health, Spa & Wellness Travel in South Africa on #TravelChatSA 26th July + #Win with @BrahmanHills 

#157: #TravelChatSA 26th July 2017 | Topic: Health, Spa & Wellness Travel in South Africa    Q1 Is South Africa a popular Health & Wellness Destination? Why yes? Why not? via @TravelOpulent #TravelChatSA (19h00) Q2 Health Guide: How do you stay healthy during your travels? via @TravelChatSA #TravelChatSA (19h15) Q3 What criteria do you look at when choosing a destination Spa? via @BrahmanHills #TravelChatSA (19h30) Q4 When booking a holiday do you like to laze about or prefer a venue where you can  still gym, cycle or run safely on the premises via @BrahmanHills #TravelChatSA (19h45) BONUS Q5: Share a picture of Yourself  & [&hellip

/ Jul 6, 2017 8:30 AM

What’s New Foodies? #SouthAfrica – Join #TravelChatSA 12th July & #Win with @Midland_Kitchen

#156: #TravelChatSA 12th July 2017 | Topic: What’s New Foodies? #SouthAfrica    Q1 What makes South African Dining Experiences unique comparing to other countries? Share a picture via @travelopulent #TravelChatSA (19h00) Q2 Are food experiences important in your travel planning? If yes, explain via @TravelChatSA #TravelChatSA (19h15) Q3 Tell us about NEW dining place opened in your area that one should visit while in SA. Share a picture via @PatrycjaOo #TravelChatSA (19h30) Q4 What’s the most adventurous food you have tried in South Africa? And what else is on your list? via @travelopulent #TravelChatSA (19h45) BONUS Q5: Share a picture of [&hellip

/ Jun 26, 2017 12:05 PM

#KnysnaRises on #TravelChatSA 5th July – Join the Conversation in support for Knysna! Win with @KnysnaWayside.

#155: #TravelChatSA 5th July 2017 | Topic: #KnysnaRises   Q1 What is your favorite tourist activity in Knysna and why? Share a Picture via @allaboutknysna #TravelChatSA #KnysnaRises (19h00) Q2 Share your hidden gems in the Knysna area with a picture via @KnysnaTourism #TravelChatSA #KnysnaRises (19h15) Q3 Tell us about your top Knysna adventure activity and show a picture via @exploreknysna #TravelChatSA #KnysnaRises (19h30) Q4 What is your favorite Pick n Pay Knysna Oyster Festival event and why? via @knysnatravel #TravelChatSA #KnysnaRises (19h45) BONUS Q5: What is your best Oyster Festival memory? Share a picture via @oysterfestival #TravelChatSA #KnysnaRises (19h55)   Host: @TravelChatSA, @travelopulent, @DoroLef, [&hellip

/ Jun 16, 2017 6:31 PM

#TravelChatSA is Back! Road Less Traveled, South Africa – Join us Wednesday, 21st June

#154: #TravelChatSA 21st June 2017 | Topic: Road Less Traveled SA   Q1 Please describe your dream of “road less traveled.” via @DoroLef #TravelChatSA (19h00) Q2 What is your favorite road less traveled in SA . Share a picture via @overberginfo #TravelChatSA (19h15) Q3  Tell us about a busy travel destination in South Africa that feels untouched still via @DoroLef #TravelChatSA (19h30) Q4 What makes these “roads less traveled” special, tell us about activities, interested places one can enjoy via @blogauthentic #TravelChatSA (19h45) BONUS Q5: Share a picture of yourself on the Road Less Traveled in South Africa #TravelChatSA (19h55)   [&hellip

/ May 18, 2017 9:17 AM

Nature Reserves in South Africa on #TravelChatSA – Join and #Win with @DeHoopReserve | 24th May

#153: #TravelChatSA 24th May 2017 | Topic: Nature Reserves in South Africa with Special Guest and Prize Sponsor @DeHoopReserve   Q1 What is your primary reason for visiting a nature reserve as a getaway? via @DeHoopReserve#TravelChatSA (19h00) Q2 Share a Top Tip / Do’s and Dont’s for travellers visiting a SA nature reserve via @DeHoopReserve #TravelChatSA (19h15) Q3 What is the impact of the water crisis on Nature reserves and how can establishments/ travellers make changes? via @DeHoopReserve #TravelChatSA (19h30) Q4 Tell us about a Nature reserve you visited and loved it and one you’d love to visit in SA via @TravelOpulent [&hellip

/ May 12, 2017 8:48 AM

Family Travel in SA with our Special Guest @TazzDiscovers (win with @MLTcarhiretour) | Join #TravelChatSA 17th May @ 7PM

#152: #TravelChatSA 17th May 2017 | Topic: Family Travel in South Africa with our Special Guest @TazzDiscovers  WIN: with@MLTcarhiretour   Q1 What are the challenges, highs and lows or frustrations when travelling with a family? Share tips via @travelopulent #TravelChatSA (19h00) Q2 When choosing family accommodation what is the top 3 factors you looking for? via @traveltonia #TravelChatSA (19h15) Q3 If you had a 7 seater vehicle for the weekend – where in South Africa would you take your family? via @MLTcarhiretour  #TravelChatSA (19h30) Q4 What Family Attractions would you recommend in your area and why? Share a pic via @TravelChatSA #TravelChatSA (19h45) BONUS [&hellip

/ May 4, 2017 5:22 PM

#LocalTravelisLekker on #TravelChatSA 10th May | Join the Conversation

#151: #TravelChatSA 10th May 2017 | Topic: #LocalTravelisLekker (based on blog series by @tulipandphoenix /     Q1 What do you love most about South Africa? via @tulipandphoenix #LocalTravelisLekker #TravelChatSA (19h00) Q2 Share something uniquely Local about the area where you stay. Share a pic via @travelopulent #LocalTravelisLekker #TravelChatSA (19h15) Q3 What is your favorite escape within 2hrs from home? Share a Picture via @OverbergInfo #LocalTravelisLekker #TravelChatSA (19h30) Q4 What are your top tips for planning a local getaway? via @tulipandphoenix #LocalTravelisLekker #TravelChatSA (19h45) BONUS Q5: What’s on your South African travel bucket list? via @tulipandphoenix #LocalTravelisLekker #TravelChatSA (19h55)   Host: @TravelChatSA, @travelopulent, @DoroLef, @r_kambule, @Winelands. Co-Hosts: @overberginfo, @tulipandphoenix, @TazzDiscovers, @Monique_PR_   How it works: – Follow Hashtag #TravelChatSA and tweet chat [&hellip

/ Apr 28, 2017 2:04 PM

Art meets Travel, South Africa | Join #TravelChatSA 3rd May

#150: #TravelChatSA 3rd May 2017 | Topic: Art meets Travel in South Africa (Topic (suggested by @r_kambule)   Q1 How would you describe South African Art scene and what kind of art can visitors to SA expect to find? via @TravelOpulent #TravelChatSA (19h00) Q2 Your reasons for joining a guided tour to look at art? via @DoroLef #TravelChatSA (19h15) Q3 Art exhibits in public areas in SA. Which town/city is most impressive and why? Share a Pic via @winelands #TravelChatSA (19h30) Q4 Tell us about Best Art Galleries In South Africa worth visiting? via @TravelOpulent #TravelChatSA (19h45) BONUS Q5: Show us a photo of one [&hellip

/ Apr 28, 2017 12:06 AM

#TravelChatSA Social Media Corner: Letishia Charles from Queen Bee Hospitality Marketing (re-cap)

Follow influencers in your particular industry and share their content. They may just follow you back & share YOUR content too. In instagram, don’t forget to check your hidden direct messages – you don’t want to miss out on a request waiting as it could be important business. Don’t overshare or get too personal or argumentative on Social Media. Save that for an offline conversation. Always. Don’t constantly ask people to like or follow or share your page. It may sound too demanding and people should really follow and like what they want. Don’t get too hung up on people [&hellip