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/ Sep 21, 2017 4:12 PM

Family Short-breaks in South Africa | 27th September at 7PM + Celebrate with us 4 years of #TravelChatSA

#166: #TravelChatSA  27th September 2017 | Topic: Family Short-breaks in South Africa Questions: Q1 What are the challenges, highs and lows or frustrations when travelling with a family? Share tips via @travelopulent #TravelChatSA (19h00) Q2 #TravelChatSA (19h15) Q3  #TravelChatSA (19h30) Q4  #TravelChatSA (19h45) BONUS Q5: #TravelChatSA (19h55)   Host: @TravelChatSA, @travelopulent, @DoroLef , @r_kambule , @Winelands , @Monique_PR_  Co-Hosts:    How it works: – Follow Hashtag #TravelChatSA and tweet chat stream here; – Follow our Host @travelopulent, @TravelChatSA, @DoroLef, @r_kambule, @Winelands, @traveltonia, @Monique_PR_ as well as our Co-Hosts for the evening. – DO remember to use the chat hash tag #TravelChatSA in each tweet (we don’t want to miss anything you say) –Make sure your Twitter [&hellip

/ Sep 14, 2017 5:12 PM

South Africa Heritage – What makes SA Unique? | #TravelChatSA 20th September – Join us!

#165: #TravelChatSA  20th September 2017 | Topic: Garden Route of South Africa   Questions: Q1 Please explain what it means HERITAGE and what being a Proud South African mean to you & why? via @travelopulent #TravelChatSA (19h00) Q2 How can we ensure our Heritage is celebrated and preserved for future generations? via @Monique_PR_ #TravelChatSA (19h15) Q3 Uniquely SA cuisine – tell us what visitors simply MUST taste which they won’t find anywhere else. via @winelands #TravelChatSA (19h30) Q4 What is the best way to celebrate SA Heritage on 24/09? Festival / Experience / place to visit & why? via @winelands  #TravelChatSA (19h45) BONUS Q5: What [&hellip

/ Sep 9, 2017 10:41 AM

Garden Route of South Africa | Join #TravelChatSA 13th September at 7PM

#164: #TravelChatSA  13th September 2017 | Topic: Garden Route of South Africa Questions: Q1 Share with us your First memory and what you love the most about Garden Route? via @travelopulent #TravelChatSA (19h00) Q2 What’s your favorite small town on the Garden Route. Tell us why? Share a Picture via @Monique_PR_ #TravelChatSA (19h15) Q3 The Garden Route is a foodi’s delight,coffee shops,markets, & restaurants. Which is your favorite & why? via @knysnatourism #TravelChatSA (19h30) Q4 Garden Route Adventure activities for adrenaline junkies – what, where & when? via @winelands #TravelChatSA (19h45) BONUS Q5: Where can we best find environmentally friendly activities/accommodation on [&hellip

/ Sep 1, 2017 8:59 AM

Coast to Coast / Beach Breakaways in South Africa – Join #TravelChatSA 6th September + WIN with @Rapportshow

#163: #TravelChatSA  6th September 2017 | Topic: Coast to Coast / Beach Breakaways in South Africa Questions: Q1 What sets your preferred beach break away apart from the rest. Share a Picture via @Monique_PR_ #TravelChatSA (19h00) Q2 What are SA Beach Breakaways most important do’s, don’ts and please-be-aware-ofs via @winelands #TravelChatSA (19h15) Q3 What is your favourite beach breakaway activity? Share a picture via @Monique_PR_ #TravelChatSA (19h30) Q4 Tell us about your favorite beach getaway? Where is it? Share a Picture via @TravelChatSA #TravelChatSA (19h45) BONUS Q5: Share a picture of a spectacular beach walk view in South Africa via @DoroLef#TravelChatSA (19h55)   Host: @TravelChatSA, [&hellip

/ Aug 24, 2017 10:38 PM

Spring Getaways South Africa – Join #TravelChatSA conversation 30th August at 7pm.

#162: #TravelChatSA  30th August 2017 | Topic: Spring Getaways South Africa  Questions: Q1 Finish the sentence: We know It’s Spring in South Africa when….?? Share a picture via @travelopulent #TravelChatSA (19h00) Q2  Inspire us to be active this Spring – what activities would you recommend? Share a photo via @TravelChatSA #TravelChatSA (19h15) Q3 Where’s your ideal Spring Getaway? Sea, city, country, mountains. Share a Picture via @Monique_PR_ #TravelChatSA (19h30) Q4 How can we support ‘spring tourist destinations’ affected by the drought via @traveltonia #TravelChatSA (19h45) BONUS Q5: What is still on YOUR Spring travel bucketlist in South Africa? #TravelChatSA (19h55)   Host: @TravelChatSA, [&hellip

/ Aug 17, 2017 7:34 PM

Rural Tourism in South Africa – Join #TravelChatSA Conversation 23rd August at 7PM

#161: #TravelChatSA  23rd August 2017 | Topic: Rural Tourism, South Africa    Questions: Q1 Q1 What do you find most appealing about travelling into rural SA, as opposed to visiting large cities? via @winelands  (19h00) Q2  How can rural destinations market themselves better or what can we do to help? What’s your advice? via @TravelChatSA #TravelChatSA (19h15) Q3 How do you find all the rural gems that are out there in South Africa? via @DoroLef #TravelChatSA (19h30) Q4 Tell us about your most memorable experience of authentic, rural South Africa and why. Share a picture via @TravelOpulent #TravelChatSA (19h45) BONUS Q5: What’s on [&hellip

/ Aug 10, 2017 6:02 PM

Road-tripping in South Africa- Join #TravelChatSA Wednesday 16th August

#160: #TravelChatSA 16th August 2017 | Topic: Road Trips, South Africa    Questions: Q1  Share your TOP 5 reasons why you LOVE road-trips? Share a Picture Via @TravelOpulent #TravelChatSA (19h00) Q2  Let’s Create road-trip checklist via @TravelChatSA #TravelChatSA (19h15) Q3  Rules of the #roadtrip (spoken & unspoken) Via @Monique_PR #TravelChatSA (19h30) Q4 Suggest a Daily/Weekly/Monthly Best road-trip route through South Africa. Share a Picture via @DoroLef #TravelChatSA (19h45) BONUS Q5: Dream big. Describe your dream road-trip through South Africa. via @DoroLef #TravelChatSA (19h55)   Host: @TravelChatSA, @travelopulent, @DoroLef , @r_kambule , @Winelands , @traveltonia , @Monique_PR_  Co-Hosts:  @StephanieMarthi ,@neetaraga , @livingitupct , @AnksW23 , @overberginfo    How it works: – Follow Hashtag #TravelChatSA and tweet chat [&hellip

/ Aug 3, 2017 8:30 AM

Women in Travel on #TravelChatSA 9th August (Celebrating #WomensDay) Join us!

#159: #TravelChatSA 9th August 2017 | Topic: Women in Travel – Celebrating #WomensDay Questions: Q1 Pros/cons of being a women in travel via @Monique_PR #TravelChatSA (19h00) Q2 What would be your ideal women-only local getaway? And Why? via @TravelChatSA #TravelChatSA (19h15) Q3 Tell us about Female Traveler who’s Adventures inspire you to Explore the World. Who is it? via @TravelOpulent #TravelChatSA (19h30) Q4 What are most typical activities/neighborhood spots are a must so when travelling with your girlfriends? via @r_kambule #TravelChatSA (19h45) BONUS Q5: Share links of magnificent woman-owned businesses in South Africa via @DoroLef #TravelChatSA (19h55)   Host: @TravelChatSA, @travelopulent, @DoroLef, @r_kambule, @Winelands, @traveltonia, @Monique_PR_  [&hellip

/ Aug 3, 2017 6:48 AM

15 Unique Activities for Couples enjoying their Honeymoon in South Africa

Planning a Honeymoon in South Africa? Except usual activities want to do something unique and different? Below some suggestions that you might find interesting:   OUTDOOR CINEMA A3 Outdoor Cinemas with picnic basket seem to be all the rage in summer. Romantic movie under starry sky. #TravelChatSA (not my pic!) — Marlize Stander (@Winelands) August 2, 2017 2. FAT BIKES TOUR  A3 For adventure I highly recommend @Fatbiketours01 De Kelders #Gansbaai. Massive load of fun! Exercise, seabreeze, fab views. #TravelChatSA — Marlize Stander (@Winelands) August 2, 2017 3. GARDENS OF KIRSTENBOSCH A3: #CapeTown boasts many beautiful hiking trails, [&hellip

/ Jul 27, 2017 11:06 AM

South Africa – Perfect Honeymoon Destination | #TravelChatSA 2nd August – Join the Conversation.

#158: #TravelChatSA 2nd August 2017 | Topic: South Africa – Perfect Honeymoon Destination   Q1 Your perfect honeymoon – all about romance or adventure? via @DoroLef #TravelChatSA (19h00) Q2 Can you imagine you’d book a photographer that would follow you around on your honeymoon? Why yes? Why not? via @DoroLef #TravelChatSA (19h15) Q3 Share an idea of a unique activity for couples enjoying their honeymoon in SA via @TravelChatSA #TravelChatSA (19h30) Q4 Romantic dining in South Africa – where and why? via @PatrycjaOo #TravelChatSA (19h45) BONUS Q5: South Africa can be very Romantic. Share a picture to prove it via @TravelOpulent [&hellip