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We love hearing from our readers, sponsors and associates… so here is our Feedback Page when we share our happy moments with you. 


Hello Patrycja, I hope you are well.  Firstly …THANK YOU!!!  So much for everything so far.  The online exposure was phenomenal!! – Sarah | Dune Ridge 

Patrycja is a succesfull marketing and general manager with the ability to engage with people from all levels of society.She has a warm and friendly personality – Johan Louw | Head of Design at Uwe Koetter Jewellers

 I’ve been in the online promotion industry for a number of years now and continue to be amazed at how good Patrycja is at online reputation management as well as social media marketing. With a modern approach towards just about anything Patrycja does, companies are ensured that they will be leaving their sales and marketing work in in good hands! – Juanne Coetzee | Head of Search & Analytics at Artifact Advertising

Patrycja is a hard working individual who never says no to a challenge and is very goal orientated she knows how to handle multiple tasks and lights up a room when she enters. I have personally learned a lot from Patrycja regarding the Tourism industry and Social Networks and generally her way of dealing with people and the way she manages her time she is wide awake and I would trust her with any task as her responsibility level is exceptional. I have known Patrycja for a while now and she always seems to amaze me. She is real star quality and takes interest in all she does with the right amount of passion & her exceptional marketing skills. – Jean-Pierre | Travel Opulent Box 

Thank you for the excellent work you do for our South Africa. You make us feel proud. – Org de Rac Wines