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We LOVE working with reputable Brands and PR Agencies! See how we work below and what you can expect.

Are you a PR Representative, Brand or Product Owner who wants to receive extra online exposure, please get in touch.

We do accept content relevant to our Online Magazine Press Releases. Find what we are all about at visit our pages. Content will be approved at our discretion. Enquire about the costs now.

We are happy to review products & places, when given the opportunity. We will share our experiences, likes and dislikes. Invites to events, product launches or overnight stays are welcome. Products should be complimentary and non-returnable. We expect to be paid for my work not our opinions. Contact us to find out more.

We do reserve the right to withhold a product review, if it doesn’t adhere to our standards. Open for discussion.

All Reviews will have instant media exposure via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Preference given to invites involving travel for 2 people. Please be mindful of our event calendar that needs at least a month’s notice for invites.

Rates are fair and competitive. Our time, work and recommendations are valuable. Please view our MEDIA KIT/RATE CARD 2017 (Updates coming soon) to find out more.

Travel Opulent Box Images are subject to copyright. Kindly ask permission to use images and credit them accordingly. Email us for high resolution version of the images.

Social Media Cover Events – enquire about our daily rates.

Travel costs apply if location is 30minute drive (or more) out of Cape Town. Alternative arrangements will be made, should we be unable to attend. We work with many Creative & Talented SA Bloggers, who would attend on our behalf. (T&C’s as above or as agreed with particular blogger.)


Advertising Banners:

Leader-board Bannner (468 × 60px) – R350 per month

Side Banner (250 × 200px) – R230 per month


Want to know more about our audience?

  • Influential
  • Affluent and very engaged
  • Age: 25- 45

Contact us for more detailed stats.