#TravelChatSA (43+)

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Time & Duration: Wednesday’s from 7PM SAST (UTC+2) for 1 hour.

Questions: 4 questions every 15  minutes  + BONUS Question (If you’d like to suggest subject of the next chat or question email us now – click here, or tweet us #TravelChatSA)

Sponsors: If you’d like to join the chat and sponsor a prize please contact us on info(at)travelopulentbox.com



#49: Wednesday 8th October 2014 | Topic: Farm Stalls in South Africa #FarmStallsSA



1. Q1: What is a farmstall and is it popular in South Africa. Why yes? Why not? via @TravelOpulent #TravelChatSA (19h00)

2. Q2: What’s the most unusual thing you’ve ever found on a farmstall’s shelves? Share a Pic @RoxanneReidSA #TravelChatSA  (19h15)

3. Q3: Do you prefer to buy directly from farmers? Why? Share a story of your local farmer! via @bestcapetownSA #TravelChatSA (19h30)

4. Q4: What are the benefits of eating FarmToTable? Share a picture. via @bestcapetownSA #TravelChatSA (19h45)

BONUS Question: Bonus Q5: Tell us which farmstall is your favorite, where it is? Share a pic. via @WiseWally #TravelChatSA (19h55)



Host: @travelopulent & @TravelChatSA

Co-Hosts: @WiseWally, @diBrown5, @RoxanneReidSA, @UrbanWalkerCT, @papierazzi, @bestcapetownSA, @DoroLef.






#49: Wednesday 1st October 2014 | Topic: #CPTBucketList



1. Q1: If you only had 24 hours in CPT, what would be on your list of must-sees? via @RoxanneReidSA#TravelChatSA (19h00)

2. Q2: What’s on your foodie bucketlist – either posh or homey? via @RoxanneReidSA #TravelChatSA  (19h15)

3. Q3: Where is a great venue to watch a live band in Cape Town? via @DoroLef #TravelChatSA (19h30)

4. Q4: What things should be on the #CPTBucketList for kids? via @CPT_Girl #TravelChatSA (19h45)

BONUS Question: Bonus Q5: Share your favorite pictures of Cape Town – let’s show the world our beautiful city. via @TravelChatSA #TravelChatSA (19h55)


Host: @travelopulent & @TravelChatSA

Co-Hosts: @patrycjaOo, @CPT_Girl, @WiseWally, @DoroLef, @GirlRoaming, @diBrown5, @UrbanWalkerCT, @WomenAliveTV, @RoxanneReidSA




#48: Wednesday 24th September 2014 | Topic: #HeritageDaySA



1. Q1: What does Heritage mean to You? Explain. #HeritageDaySA via @legacyctn #TravelChatSA (19h00)

2. Q2: How did you celebrated #HeritageDay today? Share a picture via @patrycjaOo#TravelChatSA  (19h15)

3. Q3:  Have you visited a SA Heritage site that is also a great spot for enjoying our new braai day? via  @WomenAliveTV #TravelChatSA (19h30)

4. Q4: Apart from a braai, what is your favorite Heritage Day activity? Share a picture via @diBrown5 #TravelChatSA (19h45)

BONUS Question: Bonus Q5: What is your most Proudly South African moment? via  @CPT_Girl #TravelChatSA (19h55)


Host: @travelopulent & @TravelChatSA

Special Guest: @legacyctn

Co-Hosts: @patrycjaOo, @UrbanWalkerCT, @CPT_Girl, @GirlRoaming, @FireflyAfrica, @DiBrown5, @ExclusivGetaway, @DoroLef






#47: Wednesday 17th September 2014 | Join #GlampingSA



1. Q1: Is Glamping in South Africa popular? Why yes? Why not? via @TravelChatSA #TravelChatSA (19h00)

2. Q2: What sounds like you? Yurt, Tipi or Safari Tent? Why? via @DoroLef #TravelChatSA  (19h15)

3. Q3: Is Glamping in SA more individually or family focused? Where should it be? Share a picture via @WiseWally #TravelChatSA (19h30)

4. Q4:  Share your favorite Glamping sites and luxury camping destinations in South Africa? via @patrycjaOo #TravelChatSA (19h45)

BONUS Question: Bonus Q5: What advice would you give for travelers Glamping in South Africa.  #TravelChatSA (19h55)


Host: @travelopulent & @TravelChatSA

Co-Hosts: @patrycjaOo, @UrbanWalkerCT, @WiseWally, @DoroLef, @DiBrown5, @CPT_Girl,





#46: Wednesday 10th September 2014 | Join #TravelChatSA and our Spring-themed chat #SpringSA



1. Q1: What makes Spring time in South Africa special and unique? via @TravelChatSA  #TravelChatSA (19h00)

2. Q2: Were are the best places to see wild flowers in South Africa. Share photos via @UrbanWalkerCT #TravelChatSA  (19h15)

3. Q3: How would you promote your area as a Spring hot-spot destination, and why? via @WiseWally #TravelChatSA (19h30)

4. Q4: What activities are best to do in Spring? #springSA via @partycjaOo #TravelChatSA (19h45)

BONUS Question: Bonus Q5: Share a Spring-themed #Selfie! Where was it taken? via @travelopulent #TravelChatSA (19h55)


Host: @travelopulent & @TravelChatSA

Co-Hosts: @patrycjaOo, @UrbanWalkerCT, @Thefaircape, @DiBrown5, @WiseWally, @ExclusivGetaway,




NOTE: We are taking a break:) There will be no #TravelChatSA 27th August and 3rd September. We will return again 10th September with another exciting topic to discuss on #TravelChatSA:) 




#45: Wednesday 20th August 2014 | Topic: #CruiseSA



1. Q1: Cruise Travel in South Africa. Is it popular? Why yes? Why not? via @TravelChatSA  #TravelChatSA (19h00)

2. Q2: How is cruising unique, and what makes you choose it over other forms of travel? via @DiBrown5  #TravelChatSA  (19h15)

3. Q3: South Africa offers many local charter experiences / smaller boat tours on its seas and dams. Share your experiences? via @WiseWally #TravelChatSA (19h30)

4. Q4:  Which is the best city in South Africa to cruise from? Via @southafrica.TO #TravelChatSA (19h45)

BONUS Question: Bonus Q5: Share a picture from your Cruise experience. Where was it?  #TravelChatSA (19h55)


Host: @travelopulent & @TravelChatSA

Special Guest: @CruiseAboutRSA  

Co-Hosts: @taraturk1, @TravelNWestZA, @DoroLef, @Verushka143, @DiBrown5, @WiseWally, @southafrica.TO



#44: Wednesday 13th August 2014 | Topic: #discoverNorthWestSA

12789_486038461428890_874161420_nJoin #TravelChatSA this week share your opinion/picture and WIN  a getaway to the North West Province Adventure Camp held on the 24 – 26 October 2014 from
Terms & Conditions Apply. Prize is worth R1 980. WINNER 

How to enter? Share your comment/picture during the chat between 7pm-7h50pm using #TravelChatSA hash tag. Winner will be announced 8pm. T&C Apply.

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1. Q1: What first comes to mind when you think North West Province in South Africa? via @PatrycjaOo #TravelChatSA (19h00)

2. Q2:  How can we tempt travellers to visit North West province? Share a Picture via @emiliehagedoorn #TravelChatSA  (19h15)

3. Q3:  Planning a holiday! What will be your accommodation, restaurant suggestion in North West Province? #TravelChatSA (19h30)

4. Q4:  What North West Province festival or event should be on your bucket list? #TravelChatSA (19h45)

BONUS Question: Bonus Q5: What is your favorite activity and share a picture in #NorthWestProvince #TravelChatSA via @ToursDeMornay #TravelChatSA (19h55)


Host: @TravelOpulent & @TravelChatSA

Co-Hosts: @UrbanWalkerCT, @TravelNWestZA, @JanineBS, @GirlRoaming, @ExclusivGetaway, @DoroLef, @PatrycjaOo, @ToursDeMornay, @emiliehagedoorn, @ShotLeft






#43: Wednesday 6th August 2014 | Topic: #AdventureTravelSA

untitled1Join #TravelChatSA this week share your opinion/picture and WIN Shark Diving for 2 from @GreatWShark. Terms & Conditions Apply. Valid until end of October 2014 (transport excluded). 

How to enter? Share your comment/picture during the chat between 7pm-7h50pm using #TravelChatSA hash tag. Winner will be announced 8pm. T&C Apply.

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1. Q1: Define in 3 words Adventure Travel & What is your favorite kind of Adventure Travel? via @PatrycjaOo  #TravelChatSA (19h00)

2. Q2: Share a pic from adventure activity you done that you would recommend to others via @deshaakonsen #TravelChatSA  (19h15)

3. Q3: SA has wide range of adventure activities. What and where is most unusual, or wild experience you have heard of, or done? Share a picture via @DiBrown5 #TravelChatSA (19h30)

4. Q4: What are your top Adventure Travel tips for families traveling in South Africa?  #TravelChatSA (19h45)

BONUS Question: Bonus Q5: What adventure is still on your bucket list? What region in SA is best for adventure travel? Via @deshaakonsen  #TravelChatSA (19h55)


Host: @TravelOpulent & @TravelChatSA & @GreatWShark

Co-Hosts: @UrbanWalkerCT, @DiBrown5, @DoroLef, @ExclusivGetaway , @deshaakonsen, @kerdowneyafrica, @PatrycjaOo