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Travel Opulent Box & #TravelChatSA in the Media:




House On A Hill “The Lovely Ones blog” – Travel Opulent Box (16th July 2012).


Blogs24 – Invite, Exposure, Delay and New Website (20th September 2012).


Guindais Bookings – Press Room (October 2012).


Schwarzie 2013 Journal (Contribution Page) – view here (December 2012).




Indaba 2013 Daily News Issue 1 – view here (11 May 2013)

Indaba 2013 Daily News Issue 4 – view here (14 May 2013)


Laloo Jewellery – View here (August 2013)


Scarlet Nguni on #TravelChatSA – view here (December 2013)

 CapeTownHoliday.Info about #TravelChatSA – view here (December 2013)

On Chanel Bettison – view here (December 2013)

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Frantic Naturalist on #TravelChatSA – view here (January 2014)

Scarlet Nguni on #TravelChatSA – view here & here🙂 (January 2014)


WeszMadz about #TravelChatSA –  view here (February 2014)

#TravelChatSA on Twitter by Southey Travel. Come and learn about South Africa (Interview) – view here (February 2014)


7 Local Travel Bloggers Share Their Favourite Hidden Gems by Desiree Haakonsen on Travel Ground – view here (March 2014)

Interview with Travel Opulent Box & #TravelChatSA Founder – view here (March 2014)

Southern Africa Blogs and Forums (and we are included) – view here (March 2014)

 MAY ’14

What to Expect when you join a #TravelChatSA Twitter Chat – view here (May 2014)

About #TravelChatSA on Girl Roaming – view here (May 2014)

Interview with Patrycja #TravelChatSA Founder via The Touristin – view here (May 2014)

#TravelChatSA on Girl Roaming – view here (May 2014)

JUNE ’14

7 cool things to do with the kids these winter holidays – view here (June 2014)

 JULY ’14

Our Cape Town – view here (July 2014)

Weekend Getaways – view here (July 2014)

10 coastal towns we love – view here (July 2014)

Wedding venues to suit all tastes – view here (July 2014)

Freedom and fun in the Free State – view here (July 2014)

Backpacking along the Wild Coast – view here (July 2014)


#TravelChatSA gets adventurous – view here (August 2014)

 Guys vs Girls Weekends – view here (August 2014)


#TravelChatSA goes glamping via WiseWally – view here (September 2014)

#TravelChatSA goes glamping – view here (September 2014)


#TravelChatSA farmstalls of South Africa – view here (October 2014)

#CPTBucketList on #TravelChatSA – view here (October 2014)

South Africa’s best safari experiences – view here (October 2014)

#TravelChatSA gives rise to #gotmyjam campaign – view here (October 2014)

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That Moment when Addynamo refers to #TravelChatSA in their presentation at WTM Africa !! Thank you to All Passionate Co-Hosts and Participants each week for creating this amazing community! #WTMAfrica#WTMA16 Ad Dynamo



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