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What #TravelChatSA is all about? Every Wednesday we are chatting about South Africa and it’s beauty, experiences, discoveries, people, traditions and more from “living here” and “visiting” point of view. Join the Conversation.

Time & Duration: Wednesday’s from 7PM SAST (UTC+2) for 1 hour.

Questions: 4 questions every 15  minutes  + BONUS Question (If you’d like to suggest subject of the next chat or question email us now – click here, or tweet us #TravelChatSA)

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#33: Wednesday 21th May 2014 | Topic: #FoodTravelSA 

1. Q1: How much do new food experiences play into your travel/ holiday choices and why? via @JanineBS #TravelChatSA (19h00)

2. Q2: Would you call South Africa a Food Destination? Why? Give an example. Share a picture. #TravelChatSA  (19h15)

3. Q3: Where was your greatest ‘moment shared’ while having an exceptional meal in SA? #FoodTravelSA via @WomenAliveTV #TravelChatSA  (19h30)

4. Q4: Are you a health foodie or have special dietaries? Whats your favorite restaurant that caters specifically for your requirements? @CapturingAfrica #TravelChatSA (19h45)

BONUS Question: Bonus Q5: Share a picture showing ways you can #FoodTravelSA. #TravelChatSA (19h55)



Host: @travelopulent

Co-Host: @WomenAliveTV, @JanineBS, @GirlRoaming, @DoroLef, @UrbanWalkerCT, @0pinion8d, @CapturingAfrica.





#32: Wednesday 14th May 2014 | Topic: #travelMusicSA

1. Q1: What’s been your best music travel adventure? Where’d you go and who did you go watch? via @CapturingAfrica #TravelChatSA (19h00)

2. Q2: Can touring SA and music be combined? Recommend a music tour in South Africa. #TravelChatSA  (19h15)

3. Q3: What is your favorite music to listen to while traveling? Are there any African tunes? #TravelChatSA  (19h30)

4. Q4: Which do you like to see more of #StreetMusic / professional musicians in SA? via @UrbanWalkerCT #TravelChatSA (19h45)

BONUS Question: Bonus Q5: Share a picture which you could give a title to “Music & Travel SA”.  #TravelChatSA (19h55)


Host: @travelopulent

Co-Hosting: @CapturingAfrica, @southafricaTO, @UrbanWalkerCT, @0pinion8d, @ToursDeMornay





#31: Wednesday 7th May 2014 | Topic: Cities of South Africa #citiesSA

1. Q1: Which is your favorite SA city and why would you recommend as a holiday destination? (share a pic) via @Taraturk1 #TravelChatSA (19h00)

2. Q2: Can you recommend an urban attraction in your city/a must to do? (share a pic) via @taraturk1 #citiesSA #TravelChatSA  (19h15)

3. Q3: Discovering Secrets of Your City – share your favorite/hidden place to go to (share a pic)  #citiesSA #TravelChatSA   (19h30)

4. Q4: What are your top picks of family-friendly city breaks in South Africa? via @0pinion8d #citiesSA #TravelChatSA (19h45)

BONUS Question: Bonus Q5: Share a DAY and NIGHT picture of your SA city (where was it taken)  #citiesSA #TravelChatSA (19h55)


Host: @travelopulent

Co-Hosts: @UrbanWalkerCT, @0pinion8d, @southafricaTO, @Sunnyside_Park, @ShotLeft , @ExitRoundabout 
@taraturk1, @ExclusivGetaway, @DieReismier



#30: Wednesday 30th April 2014 | Topic: Travelling Green in South Africa #TravelGreenSA 

1. Q1: What does #GreenTravelSA mean to you? via @UrbanWalkerCT #TravelChatSA (19h00)

2. Q2: In what ways do you factor environmental issues into your travel plans? via @southafricaTO  #TravelChatSA  (19h15)

3. Q3: Are the travelers to South Africa willing to pay premium for green? via @HotelVerde #TravelChatSA   (19h30)

4. Q4: What do you do when travelling to lighten the load on Mother Earth? Via @RespTourismSA (share a picture)   #TravelChatSA (19h45)

BONUS Question: Bonus Q5: Suggest environmentally friendly hotels, B&B’s,safaris or lodges in South Africa (share a picture) #TravelChatSA (19h55)


Host: @travelopulent

Co-Hosts: @0pinion8d, @UrbanWalkerCT, @RespTourismSA@HotelVerde, @Merentia





#29: Wednesday 23rd April 2014 | Topic: #StreetFoodSA (Topic suggested by @WurstExpress) 

1. Q1: Have you come across street food in SA? If yes, what/where was it?  via @WurstExpress #StreetFoodSA #TravelChatSA (19h00)

2. Q2: What kind of street food would you like to see more of in SA?  via @WurstExpress #StreetFoodSA #TravelChatSA  (19h15)

3. Q3: What would attract you to buy from street food vendor? via @WurstExpress #StreetFoodSA #TravelChatSA   (19h30)

4. Q4: What is so special/original about street food in SA? #TravelChatSA (19h45)

BONUS Question: Bonus Q5: Share a picture of your #StreetFoodSA experience. #TravelChatSA (19h55)


Host: @travelopulent

Co-Hosts: @0pinion8d, @UrbanWalkerCT, @Bonolo_Modise, @WurstExpress, @lusciousCT, @wanderingiphone




#28: Wednesday 16th April 2014 | Topic: #SAinPictures

1. Q1: Whats your favorite SA Destination to photograph & share your best SA picture via @capturingafrica #TravelChatSA (19h00)

2. Q2: We love our wildlife, especially our rhinos. Share your best rhino/wildlife photo with us. via @0pinion8d #TravelChatSA  (19h15)

3. Q3: Share a picture of the most beautiful South African sunrises or/and sunsets? Where was it taken? via @traveopulent #TravelChatSA   (19h30)

4. Q4: Do you have any photos that best capture the culture of South Africa? Please share them with us. via @0pinion8d #TravelChatSA (19h45)

BONUS Question: Bonus Q5: We all love selfies. Share a selfie from your last SA trip & tell us were it was taken? via @UrbanWalkerCT #TravelChatSA (19h55)


Host: @travelopulent

Co-Hosts: @0pinion8d,@capturingafrica, @ToursDeMornay, @KazzaMcKee, @UrbanWalkerCT, @ShotLeft




#27: Wednesday 9th April 2014 | Topic: The Delights of South Africa in Winter (Topic Suggested by @DiBrown5).

1. Q1: Do you think SA markets itself as an all year round destination (give examples)? via @DiBrown5 #TravelChatSA (19h00)

2. Q2: Tell us about your most memorable winter getaway in SA – why was it a good winter trip? via @ExclusivGetaway #TravelChatSA  (19h15)

3. Q3: What indoor activities are better experienced during South African Winter? via @UrbanWalkerCT #TravelChatSA   (19h30)

4. Q4: What annual festivals and events are you looking forward to this Winter in SA? via @0pinion8d #TravelChatSA (19h45)

BONUS Question: Bonus Q5: Is it cheaper to explore/travel to/in South Africa during winter (June – Sept) if yes, what specials do you know of? via @DiBrown5 #TravelChatSA (19h55)


Host: @travelopulent

Guest Co-Hosts: @UrbanWalkerCT, @0pinion8d, @WeszMadz, @DiBrown5, @ExclusivGetaway, @southafricaTO, @OverbergInfo





#26: Wednesday 2nd April 2014 | Topic: Off the beaten track in South Africa

1. Q1: Where do you find ideas for places to go to when travelling off the beaten track? via @overberginfo #TravelChatSA (19h00)

2. Q2: Why go off the beaten track? via @taraturk1 @#TravelChatSA  (19h15)

3. Q3: Where is the most unusual place you have shared a meal? #offthebeatentrack via @0pinion8d #TravelChatSA   (19h30)

4. Q4: Best unexpected delight off the beaten track. What and where? via @DiBrown5 #TravelChatSA (19h45)

BONUS Question: Bonus Q5: Share a picture from your off the beaten track adventure via @Moving_Sushi #TravelChatSA (19h55)

photo (7)

Host: @travelopulent

Guest Co-Hosts: @Moving_Sushi, @UrbanWalkerCT,@taraturk1, @0pinion8d, @overberginfo, @ToursDeMornay,   @ExclusivGetaway,




#25: Wednesday 26th March 2014 | Topic: #ShotLeft

1. Q1: What will be your definition of a #ShotLeft? #TravelChatSA (19h00)

2. Q2: Do you have a favorite #ShotLeft from your childhood, where is it, and have you gone back as an adult? via @DiBrown5 #TravelChatSA  (19h15)

3. Q3: Share your tips to have the best low cost #ShotLeft? via @ShotLeft #TravelChatSA   (19h30)

4. Q4: Which is your #ShotLeft that’s closest / easiest to reach but feels far, far away? via @ExclusivGetaway #TravelChatSA (19h45)

BONUS Question: Bonus Q5: Which #ShotLeft experience would you suggest for anyone visiting #SouthAfrica Share a picture via @ToursDeMornay #TravelChatSA (19h55)


Host: @travelopulent

Guest Co-Hosts: @DiBrown5, @ToursDeMornay, @0pinion8d, @ShotLeft, @MustBeOutThere, @ExclusivGetaway



#24: Wednesday 19th March 2014 | Topic: South Africa’s Best Events & Festivals


1. Q1: Which popular and underrated SA festival would you recommend again and again especially to first-time festival goers/overseas visitors? via @GoSocialSA #TravelChatSA (19h00)

2. Q2: If you could create a new festival, what would it be/theme, and where would it be? via @DiBrown5 #TravelChatSA  (19h15)

3. Q3: What is the BEST thing about being a Festival/Event goer in South Africa? via @GoSocialSA #TravelChatSA   (19h30)

4. Q4: Do we have enough variety in terms of events/festivals in SA? If not, what would you love to see become part of the social/travel scene? via @PhenologyFlora #TravelChatSA (19h45)

BONUS Question: Bonus Q5: Share a picture from the best event/festival experience you had in South Africa? #TravelChatSA (19h55)


Host: @travelopulent

Guest Co-Hosts: 

@UrbanWalkerCT, @GoSocialSA, @taraturk1, @DiBrown5, @FinePlaces,  @TodaysTrendsSA,@southafricaTO, @PhenologyFlora & @0pinion8d



#23: Wednesday 12th March 2014 | Topic: It’s All About Food #WineDineSA 

1. Q1: What makes South Africa perfect Food and Wine Destination? #TravelChatSA (19h00)

2. Q2: The perfect drink in the perfect place. Pair your favorite drink with your favorite place (Share a Picture) via @0pinion8d #TravelChatSA  (19h15)

3. Q3: Is it easy to travel in SA if you have special dietary needs (halaal, kosher, vegan etc)? via @0pinion8d #TravelChatSA   (19h30)

4. Q4: Tell us about your BEST & WORST dining experience. Where was it? Share a picture. #TravelChatSA (19h45)

BONUS Question: Bonus Q5: Share a picture showing starter, main or dessert >> where was it taken? Or favorite wine:) #TravelChatSA (19h55)


Host: @travelopulent & @0pinion8d

Guest Co-Hosts: @UrbanWalkerCT, @southafricaTO, @ExclusivGetaway, @overberginfo, @wanderingiphone, @deshaakonsen, @ShotLeft, @Jodenecoza




#22: Wednesday 5th March 2014 | Topic: West Coast #SAwestCoast

1. Q1: Why #SAwestCoast is a popular international holiday destination? #TravelChatSA (19h00)

2. Q2: Share your experiences of great West Coast service, food or accommodation via @0pinion8d #TravelChatSA  (19h15)

3. Q3: What have been some of your highlights holidaying on the #SAwestCoast? What has been your best discovery on WC? via @ExclusivGetaway #TravelChatSA   (19h30)

4. Q4: What West Coast festival, event or activity should be on your bucket list? via @0pinion8d #TravelChatSA (19h45)

BONUS Question: Bonus Q5: Share a picture showcasing beautiful West Coast of South Africa. #TravelChatSA   (19h55)


Host: @travelopulent

Guest Co-Hosts: @UrbanWalkerCT, @0pinion8d, @wanderingiphone, @WestCoastSA, @ExclusivGetaway, @W2SsouthAfrica, @southafricaTO




#21: Wednesday 26th February 2014 | Topic: South Africa in Pictures #SAsnap

1. Q1: Q: What makes #SouthAfrica unique from any other country – reflect this in a picture. via @ToursDeMornay #TravelChatSA (19h00)

2. Q2: Share a photo that shows an aspect of South African culture via @wanderingiphone #TravelChatSA  (19h15)

3. Q3: Share your favorite photo of concrete jungles in South Africa via  SouthAfricaTO #TravelChatSA   (19h30)

4. Q4: What is the most photogenic landscape in South Africa. Share a picture via @MzansiGirl #TravelChatSA (19h45)

BONUS Question: Bonus Q5: Share that one snap of scenic South Africa that you feel would tempt new visitors to our shores via @0pinion8d #TravelChatSA   (19h55)


Host: @travelopulent

Guest Co-Hosts: @UrbanWalkerCT, @0pinion8d, @HermanusTourism, @wanderingiphone, SouthAfricaTO, @ToursDeMornay, @MzansiGirl




#20: Wednesday 19th February 2014 | Topic: Discover Kwazulu Natal #DiscoverKwazuluNatal 

1. Q1: Is KwaZulu-Natal in Decline or Booming? #DiscoverKwaZuluNatal  via @southafricaTO #TravelChatSA (19h00)

2. Q2: #KZN is sometimes called a ‘whole world in one province’ – do you agree, and why? via @ExclusivGetaway #TravelChatSA  (19h15)

3. Q3: What is your favorite part or attraction in #KZN? #DiscoverKwaZuluNatal via @ToursDeMornay #TravelChatSA   (19h30)

4. Q4: Planning a holiday! What will be your accommodation, restaurant suggestion in #KZN? #TravelChatSA (19h45)

BONUS Question: Bonus Q5: Share a picture showing beautiful #KZN. Where was it taken? #TravelChatSA   (19h55)


Host: @travelopulent

Guest Co-Hosts: @UrbanWalkerCT, @0pinion8d, @ToursDeMornay, @ExclusivGetaway, @Mr_Hotels, @southafricaTO





#19: Wednesday 12th February 2014 | Topic: Explore Eastern Cape #ExploreEasternCape

1. Q1: What makes the Eastern Cape the ideal holiday destination via @FireflyAfrica #TravelChatSA #ExploreEasternCape (19h00)

2. Q2: What activities would you like to try in the EasternCape? via @0pinion8d #TravelChatSA #ExploreEasternCape (19h15)

3. Q3: What will be the most romantic experience / safari lodge / hidden gem in Eastern Cape? via @southeytravel #TravelChatSA  #ExploreEasternCape  (19h30)

4. Q4:  Which is your favorite place to eat in Eastern Cape? #TravelChatSA #ExploreEasternCape (19h45)

BONUS Question: Bonus Q5: Share a picture showing beauty of Eastern Cape. #TravelChatSA #ExploreEasternCape  (19h55)


Host: @travelopulent

Guest Co-Hosts: @UrbanWalkerCT, @0pinion8d, @FireflyAfrica, @southeytravel, @GoSocialSA, @beeldshow

 Prize: Join #TravelChatSA – share your best picture from #EasternCape. Stand a chance to #win R250 voucher from @TrappersOutdoor @beeldshow. Winner will be announced tomorrow 13th Feb at 20h00 during #BeeldShowChat from 7PM

WINNER: @jonobruton



#18: Wednesday 5th February 2014 | Topic: Knysna Travel #NaturallyKnysna

1. Q1: What do you love most about Knysna? via @JeannineOrz #TravelChatSA #NaturallyKnysna  (19h00)

2. Q2: What restaurant, accommodation, activity would you recommend in Knysna? #TravelChatSA #NaturallyKnysna (19h15)

3. Q3: Which is your favourite Knysna Festival & what kind of events would you like hosted in Knysna? via  @0pinion8d #TravelChatSA  #NaturallyKnysna (19h30)

4. Q4: What improvement would make a Knysna holiday better? via @marleneboyce #TravelChatSA #NaturallyKnysna (19h45)

BONUS Question: Bonus Q5: Share a Picture showing beauty of Knysna.  #TravelChatSA #NaturallyKnysna (19h55)


Host: @travelopulent

Guest Co-Hosts: @beeldshow, @JeannineOrz, @KnysnaTravel, @UrbanWalkerCT, @pietercloete,  @0pinion8d,

@ToursDeMornay, @marleneboyce, @oysterfestival

 PRIZE: Share your BEST Knysna picture and Win  one entry to Pick n Pay Cape Times Forest Half Marathon, held during the festival on 06 July at 8AM (The half Marathon is 21kms) – sponsored by @OysterFestival.




#17: Wednesday 29th January 2014 | Topic: Way to travel South Africa #TransportSA

1. Q1: Is getting around in #SouthAfrica easy? What are the transport options available? Share a picture. #TravelChatSA  (19h00)

2. Q2: What is the most exciting mode of transport to get a full experience of #SouthAfrica? via @Mr_Hotels #TravelChatSA (19h15)

3. Q3: South Africa has an extensive rail network. Is it used effectively for passenger transport? via @ToursDeMornay #TravelChatSA  (19h30)

4. Q4: Mountain bikes,horseback safaris!What alternative transport adventures through SA would you recommend? via @0pinion8d #TravelChatSA (19h45)

BONUS Question: Bonus Q5: What form of transportation you would still like to experience in #SouthAfrica? #TravelChatSA (19h55)


Host: @travelopulent

Guest Co-Hosts: @UrbanWalkerCT, @Mr_Hotels, @ToursDeMornay, @MustBeOutThere, @southafricaTO

PRIZE: Post a picture and stand a chance to WIN two tickets to the Beeld Holiday Show (14th-16th Feb) in Midrand from @beeldshow – Winner will be announced 30th January at 20h00.




#16: Wednesday 22nd January 2014 | Topic: Discover Overberg #discoverOverberg

1. Q1: Why Overberg should be on travelers list for 2014? #TravelChatSA #discoverOverberg  (19h00)

2. Q2: What do you consider a “hidden gem” of the Overberg in terms of an idyllic getaway? @GoSocialSA #TravelChatSA #discoverOverberg  (19h15)

3. Q3: Which is your favorite place to eat in the Overberg? via @RoxanneReidSA  #TravelChatSA #discoverOverberg (19h30)

4. Q4: What are the best day trip ideas to the Overberg? via @scarletnguni #TravelChatSA #discoverOverberg  (19h45)

BONUS Question: Bonus Q5: Share a picture showing the beauty of the Overberg – where was it taken? #TravelChatSA #discoverOverberg  (19h55)


Host: @travelopulent & @scarletnguni

Guest Co-Hosts: @UrbanWalkerCT, @visitstanford, @0pinion8d, @overberginfo, @ToursDeMornay, @GoSocialSA, @MustBeOutThere






#15: Wednesday 15th January 2014 | Topic: Singles Holidays in

South Africa 

1. Q1: What are the greatest challenges to traveling alone? via @scarletnguni  #TravelChatSA #soloSA (19h00)

2. Q2: What do you enjoy about traveling solo and why would you re